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What happened in Services Week 2023

3 posters on a wall. One says Services Week 2023, the next Take part in Services Week 2023, the other is blurred text.

A week of talks, case studies and meet-ups led to the success of Services Week 2023, where people interested in designing better services for the public came together to teach, learn and work together on improving government for its users. …

Join Services Week 2023

A woman wearing glasses looks at 3 Services Week posters on a wall. The posters read: Services Week 2023. Take Part in Services Week 2023. Design is the best way to join up policy and delivery. All have the date on them: 20 to 24 Mar.

Services Week, the cross-organisational event series for people working in the UK public sector, is back. Returning for the fifth time, Services Week 2023 will take place 20 to 24 March 2023. The theme for this year is Designing for …

Enabling delivery teams to understand and apply the Government Service Standard

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A photo of a laptop with a web browser opened, showing a page titled 'Apply the Service Standard in DfE'

Kerry, a content designer from DFE, describes her work with service assessors and teams across the department to ensure that the government Service Standard and collective community standards can be found, understood and applied.