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About the Services in government blog

The Services in government blog is for people who are transforming services all across the public sector, from local to central government and from all professions. We want to provide a platform to highlight the significant work that has been and is taking place.

The blog shows the good yet hard service transformation work that is ongoing in many parts of the UK public sector. We want to hear from people involved in shaping and delivering services from all levels of government – with operations, policy or digital background. We are also inviting voices from the wider public sector as their challenges are often similar.

You are invited to not only read but also propose topics and contribute blog posts. We want to highlight case studies, show best practices, share tools, guidance, tips, and tricks. Our goal is to broaden the view and present diverse views on making services work better for users.

The blog is run by Kuba Bartwicki, Lead designer at the Government Digital Service (GDS), Ben Tate, Head of Strategy and Standards at Central Digital and Data Office (CDDO), Lisa Jeffery, Design manager, Defra, and Marc O’Connor, Senior service designer at HM Revenue & Customs.

Please email us if you want to share a story on the blog. You can also find us on the cross-government Slack or write us a message on Twitter.