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In case you missed it: Here’s what happened in Services Week 2022

A mobile phone showing a YouTube playlist of recorded Services Week 2022 sessions with the welcoming note from Alex Chisholm, Chief Operating Officer for the Civil Service, playing

Last week was Services Week 2022, 7–11 March. It was the fourth time our annual cross-organisational public sector event series took place. Once more, it helped increase service literacy, evolve our discourse around services, and connect service makers. 

This year 24 different government organisations ran 50 events, including local government, central government, devolved government, arm’s length bodies and various parts of the NHS. The sessions saw more than 2,500 attendees in total. More than half of the sessions have been recorded, made available internally to civil servants and public servants and received already a few hundred views. 

Some sessions were ‘sold out’ as there was more demand than capacity. A few of these sessions were interactive and smaller by design. The Department for Education ran a popular session on content strategy, which will be offered again next week. The high-in-demand ‘Introduction to Service Design’ training will return in 2 months. You can find more information in the #ServicesWeek channel on the cross-government Slack.

One of this year’s Services Week goals was to connect people beyond digital professions and backgrounds. Promotion across Cabinet Office channels pulled in lots of civil servants working in non-digital professions. For example, we saw policy professionals on service design training, and operations colleagues attending a show and tell.

Another goal was to engage with more senior people. In the opening session on Monday morning, we heard from Alex Chisholm, Chief Operating Officer for the Civil Service and Permanent Secretary for the Cabinet Office; Myra Hunt, Chief Executive Officer of the Welsh Government’s Centre for Digital Public Services (CDPDS); and Tom Read, Chief Executive Officer of the Government Digital Service (GDS). They stayed engaged throughout the week.

Here’s a recap of the week, as told through social media.


Screenshot of tweet from Annie Crabtree
“My out-of-office is on and there’s a post-it on my monitor which says: ‘It’s Services Week - emails can wait’. Really looking forward to this #ServicesWeek #GovDesign”
Screenshot of tweet from Sarah Rose Stokes
“@NHSBSA 's first session for Services Week is about to start!”
Screenshot of tweet from Eva
“Loved talking about our UCD maturity model work to such an engaged #servicesweek audience! Although I couldn't quite manage screen sharing, talking, chat questions and 😵‍💫 Definitely time for a cuppa now ☕”
Screenshot of tweet from Martin Jordan
“‘Service design is a quiet revolution driving government transformation.’ – @MyraHunt – Chief Executive Officer at the Welsh Government’s @cdps_cymru in this morning’s #ServicesWeek opening session”


Screenshot of tweet from Kathryn Grace
“Working inside the public sector? Don’t miss this… #ServicesWeek; Note to self: don’t stop making time for THIS kind of learning! #servicedesign #userresearch #researchops #accessibility”
Screenshot of tweet from Iain Boyd
“Big up to all those taking part in the UK public sector #ServicesWeek 🙌 and looking forward to discussing GOV.UK Forms in 'Where do we go Form here?' with my partner in #servicedesign @bettyMwema”
Screenshot of tweet from Tim Paul
“As part of #ServicesWeek GDS is hosting an open Show & Tell this Friday from 2pm - 4pm. Register here!”
Screenshot of tweet from Lisa Jeffrey
“How to build a team and effect culture change; We have learnt you need to ‘do’ service design rather than ‘tell’ people about service design; Love this #ServicesWeek blog post by @TrickeyLisa @digitaldorset⚡️”


Screenshot of tweet from Kirsty Joan Sinclair
“Tomorrow, 4pm as part of #servicesweek #govdesign @fiabc and I are hosting a discussion and workshop on what user centred design and it's leadership could/should look like in the Scottish Government. A few spaces left!”
Screenshot of tweet from Lisa Talia Moretti
“Today for #ServicesWeek2022, I did a talk on the importance of supported journeys. It included my research in this area as well as a summary of the framework that I've been working on. It was a 30min talk & if you like, you can watch it here: #design”
Screenshot of tweet from Vanessa Kirby-Firth
“Joining another session this afternoon as part of #servicesweek 🙌🏻 #contentdesign”
Screenshot of tweet from Rachel M
“It's #ServicesWeek 2022. I am excited to be giving a talk tomorrow with @PlainNumbers about how you can present numbers clearly in your service. If you work in public services or Government then take a look #contentdesign #uxdesign”


Screenshot of tweet from DWP
“Our #Accessibility Q&A as part of #ServicesWeek is starting... now!
✅Submit your question by mentioning us and @abbott567
✅Don't forget to use the hashtag #DWPa11y.
Craig is here for the next 60 mins to answer them, get sending your questions over now!”
Screenshot of tweet from Imran Hussain
“It's been an absolute pleasure co-running the 'Intro to Service Design' course for the first time with @lisajjeffery @MarcOConnor21. We had a brill cohort as part of #servicesweek. Thanks to everyone involved 🙌“
Screenshot of tweet from Rob Whiting
“This event is happening now - provides a great opportunity for anyone looking to find out more about working within @GDSTeam to ask any questions they have. ⤵️ (Part of #ServicesWeek 2022)”
Screenshot of tweet from Dr Ryan
“Chatting about "designing with and for data tomorrow" for #ServicesWeek (h/t @richrrd for the title and thanks to @danhowarth for herding the data cats @AleksBobrowska @triweasel @zwDan) 
Last couple of slides going in. Consider yourself warned.”


Screenshot of tweet from Myra Hunt
“Trees and psychological safety! Takes me back to #servicesweek. We are starting with services, but as we follow that logically, via UCD, ultimately we will 'bump into' transforming organisational boundaries. Thanks @helivans @Dyn_Drwg”
Screenshot of tweet from Andee Pittman
“Very excited to catch the final event of #ServicesWeek where we get to see the latest and greatest service design work from @GOVUK ✨🙏🏼”
Screenshot of tweet from Elaine M Burke
“Starting now!
#ServicesWeek show and tell. #UserExperience”
Screenshot of tweet from Kara Kane
“What is user-centred design anyway? @claragt and I defined what we mean by user-centricity for teams and organisations in government. #ServicesWeek”
Screenshot of tweet from Heledd Quaeck
“Happy Friday all. indefatigable / diflino - what we all are in this game. Managed to tune into some #servicesweek. So amazing people doing and sharing great things - despite how hard it is. One day at a time, trying to make services better for the people that need them. 💛”

Services Week 2022 finished with an open Show and Tell from GDS. 7 different teams presented their latest work and responded to questions from the participants that included members of the public. You can watch it below.

What’s next

Let us know if you missed a very busy session and want it to run again. A couple of people already announced a repetition of their session due to popular demand in the coming weeks.

In case you ran and recorded a session that hasn’t been added to the playlist, write us an email. We are happy to add your video to YouTube. 

Subscribe to the blog if you want to read more about service transformation and join the #servicedesign channel on Slack.

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